I started my career as a web designer, before becoming Art Director, and then Creative Director at Ogilvy & Mather and OgilvyOne, and subsequently at McCann-MRM.

During those years, I was the digital creative lead for accounts such as IBM (EMEA zone), Nestlé, and Microsoft.

The Website Blues (IBM - Grand Prix de l'Internet Stratégies 2001)

For the past 5 years, I have been working freelance, and as demonstrated by this portfolio, my scope is quite wide ranging across fields such as website creation, 3D modelling and animation, motion design, illustration, etc.
I enjoy exploring new technologies and learning how to incorporate them in my workflow, Virtual reality is one such example.

I do not believe that you can be creative without being curious.

I like working on complex topics (amount of information and scope of the project) as I believe I have a real know-how in understanding and analysing these topics, and sharing this information back through my work in a way that is accessible for all.

Whatever the project that I am working on, I will approach it with the same discipline, the same attention to quality and the same pragmatic approach, focused on delivering the results within the requested timeframe.

I have already delivered work for some well-known brands and organizations: the United Nations, Le Printemps, Thalès, Engie, Keolis, …

Depending on the needs and scope of the projects that I take on, I can also count on the support of various partners (with the agreement of my clients):
                - UX designer
                - Copywriters
                - developpers (for all types of CMS, scripts, etc.)
                - webdesigner for the production work
                - video content creators
                - audio content creators

I am particularly attentive to coordinate my work with the I.T. teams when needed, as they are crucial to the success of a project: you can launch a product that works and is lacking in design, but there is no point in launching a beautiful product that will not work.
I am based in Paris, but I can easily travel within France or abroad if required (I did several missions in Dubaï in 2015). I have also developed a workflow that allows me to collaborate with my clients remotely without it being a hindrance for them or for me.  It is even very often a time saving for my contacts.

As such, I have clients in Monaco, Geneva, New York, and even Paris where we have found remote collaboration to be more efficient (I have never met them in person).

I speak fluently English and I can take part without any issue to any phone conference or meeting in English (full disclosure : I do have a french accent :)

If you have a project that requires a well though out and adapted graphical design, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Jérôme Muguet