The luxury hotel designer SYBILLE DE MARGERIE trusted me with the redesign of the website for her agency SMDESIGN.
The result is a website focused on colours, which are at the heart of Sybille’s work. Height dominant colours define each hotel.
When you visit the page of a project you discover these 8 colours displayed as 8 vertical bars. By hovering your mouse over them, each of these bars reveals a picture featuring the usage of that colour in the project. In parallel, the tonality of the website changes to match that colour in order to reinforce the feeling of immersion.
In 2015, SMDESIGN trusted me again with the updated version of their website, with a completely different approach based on the usage of black and white to align with their new graphical identity.
Online magazine (derived from a paper publication) for LE PRINTEMPS.
WHATFISH: Work on designing an Ipad App for diving.
YOUR DAY: Creation and design of a minimalist application that displays your schedule in a simple, elegant, and playful way.
Creation of the visual identity for the startup ROULE MA POULE.
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